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farrha abraham sex

SEX with Teen Mom TV star Farrah Abraham anyone..?

It seems this sexy Hollywood party girl can’t get enough of it – male or female partners by the look of the photo above – and rumors of a Farrah Abraham sex tape exists have been proven to be true!

It seems the original idea of the professionally made sex tape was so Ms Abraham could look back on her sexploits in her old age – kind of like a sex scrapbook. After all as she’s fond of telling anyone who’ll listen – ‘she has a great body.’

However her mistake was to hire stunt cock and A list male porn star James Deen to act as her fuck buddy in the film. However he decided to ‘fuck and tell’ and spill more than his cum about sex with Farrah! She’s said to be pretty mad with him – but that hasn’t stopped her asking a major porn company for $2million to release the porno video!!!

The big question for those of who have little or no idea who this chick is – is will the celebrity sex tape be worth watching..?

Now this old babe blogger has a feeling it’s going to be pretty fucking amazing. I mean looking at those pics of her at an apparent sex party kissing and groping a lingerie clad babe – means this little hottie likes to fuck – and fuck HARD!!!

So if like me you’re counting down the days until the first footage of the Farrah Abraham sex video is released – you’d best head to the blog that promises to be first to show it!

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