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Silicone curvy sex dolls, that is, the production material is finished by medical silicone, realistic appearance, good touch, good use experience, there are very welcome. But silicone dolls because the price is too expensive, even now, there are many people can not accept its price!

With the progress of technology, the cost of silicone dolls now has some decline, but still on the expensive side, basically still have to be more than 7000USD, better even in more than 20,000USD.

Therefore, silicone dolls for most people, is still a Luxury goods! With the development of new technologies, new materials, the current TPE material in adult love dolls are well used, and TPE material lovely sex dolls can also be made very realistic, very beautiful, very soft, good touch, good experience, high quality of TPE young sex dolls are not much worse than silicone dolls.

Now the TPE sex doll has been more and more people accepted, especially the TPE sex doll industry is developing rapidly, the cost is also being pulled down, now only about 800USD can buy an special sale sex doll, and there is a good experience, which allows many shy people can also experience the benefits of huge butt sex dolls, feel the ultimate love snap experience, enjoy physical and spiritual satisfaction.

Now most of the small breast wide hips TPE sex dolls are priced above 1000USD, this price is not cheap, but for the vast majority of people, just a month or two of salary, we can basically afford, there will not be much of a burden. And as long as the proper use, good maintenance, a exotic TPE sex doll can be used for a long time, about 8 years.

If you are preparing to buy huge boobs sex dolls, and the budget is about 1000USD, then uxdoll.com TPE series best deals sex dolls will be the best choice, the product can basically make you satisfied, and not easy to be cheated.

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